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law10 Quizzes

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Law 10 Quizzes - Fall  2012 - On Campus Students Only


Bus. Law Textbook Resources



Law 10 Quizzes - Fall 2010 - On Campus Students Only (Testbank A)


Bus. Law Textbook Resources
Law 10 quizzes - law 10 answers


Test #A - Chp. 1 - Intro to Law - John is  Judge  Answers 


Test #B - Chp. 2 - Courts and Alternative Dispute Resolution the Ohio State LegislatureAnswers 

Test #C Chp. 3 Court Procedures - Glen retains Holly -  Answers


Test #D - Chp. 4 - Constitutional Authority to Regulate Business - BMC -  Answers


Test #E - Chp. 6 - Intentional Torts - Bob pushes Carol - Answers


Test #F - Chp. 7 - Negligence and Strict Liability - Bette backs out - Answers


Test #G - Chp. 8 - Intellectual Property  - Jill develops - Answers


Test #H - Chp. 9 Criminal Law and Cyber Crimes 


Test #I - Chp. 43 Administrative Law 


Test #J - Chp 52 International Law 


Test #K - Chp 5 Ethics & Business Decision Making 

Extra Credit

Test #L - Chp.  34 - Employment Discrimination

Extra Credit


Test #L - Chp. 49 - Insurance Law - Answers 


Test # M - Chp  34 - Employment Discrimination - Answers 


Test #N - Chp 45 - Environmental Law - Answers 






law10 quizzes Fall2010 


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