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Posting to Forums

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Posting your Introduction to class and other "Discussions"

At the beginning of each or our law classes (except Law 2) we ask students to post their introduction, and to read articles and post to Discussions. 

The Articles to Read are as follows:

How to Study Law

Good Legal Writing

Read Like a Lawyer

The Uses of Argument

Analytic Thinking

Six Pillars of Character
10 Hour Law School

Recognizing Plagiarism

We require this during the first week of class in each one of your online classes. If you are taking more than one online class you can use the same posting for each in each class you take.

These first set of "introductory discussions" require only a "single post". They are not in the nature of a "class discussion" but more a set of "warm up" reading and writing exercises to get everyone ready for what is to come in the class (lots of reading and writing).

Posting to Discussions   

Once you post to the first week's forum (see above)  you will be required to post your original thoughts by Wednesday of the forum week, and respond (or comment upon) to two other students by Sunday.   (a total of three (3) posts to each forum). 


Discussions  are open ended questions that are posted on a forum. They are your  "classroom discussion". Your participation is required, and you receive a total of 15% of your grade for your participation in these forum discussions (which is entered by your online instructor at the end of the session or semester).

It is essential that all students fully participate in the class discussions. This is what makes the class "interactive" and gives it the "feel of being in an on campus class" which is important to ensure learning is occurring at a "distance".

Please be courteous in any of your postings and responses to other students. "Reasonable Minds" can differ, but please be polite.

Which types of student responses are good and which ones are fair or poor?

You are required to post an entry to the class discussion by Wednesday of each week and you must respond to at least 2 of your class mates by Sunday of each week. Your grade on discussions and your 2 responses to each discussion is based upon the following: - "avoid responses like "me too" or a response that is irrelevant or adds nothing to the discussion, or does not provide support for your position expressed, and shows minimal reflection. Your positions taken in your responses to other students should be articulated with good support and demonstrate reflection.

How are you Graded on Your Class Discussion Participation

DISCUSSIONS: Every week a discussion ss posted to the website "Discussion".  You are required to post a answer to each discussion question by Wednesday of the forum week. Further, you are required to post, at least, one response to two or more of your classmates' initial responses. You are not required to respond to every classmate. You may, although this is a decision each student will make. 

Minimum THREE different days per forum week.  As we begin our online work together I want to discuss an important aspect of online learning, namely participation. Participation is an important part of this collaborative online learning environment. It is well documented that participation and collaboration does enhance learning & whether it be in-class or at a distance. You are encouraged to initiate and respond regularly and make sure your ideas are presented clearly and are substantive. 
Postings that lack substance will receive little or no credit.  For example, “I agree,”  “Good posting,” or similar messages that add little or nothing to the discussion will receive few, if any credits. Discussions posted to the website are an important part of the learning that takes place in this class. In essence, we learn from each other. Share ideas or questions with your colleagues. Ask them questions. Share your own experiences.


Class Meeting Discussions:

  • Please read, review, and reflect on each message PRIOR to posting to the forums. Remember: Others cannot get visual clues as to meaning, therefore, be careful in what and how you communicate. Once posted, messages cannot be deleted!
  • All postings to any meeting in this class are to be considered CONFIDENTIAL and for consideration and discussion only by members of this class.
  • Ask questions about areas of the subject that you wish to better understand or for clarification and/or amplification.
  • Read your classmates comments and presentations, and respond constructively.
  • Offer personal/professional experiences/observations relevant to the items being discussed.

Participation Rubric:





A minimum of 3 postings per forum on at least 3 separate days.

Less than 3 substantial postings.

Three required substantial postings.

More than the 3 substantial required posting.  

Answers by Wednesday
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Respond to classmates by Sunday

Posting answers after Wednesday

Posting answers on  Wednesday

Posting answers before Wednesday

Well reasoned with appropriate analysis.

No response or lacks applicability.

Response is applicable, but may not be thorough or lacks depth.

Thorough response with appropriate depth.

Appropriate dialog with classmates

Responses do not clearly relate to topic.

Responses relate to topic.

Responses clearly relate to topic.

Appropriate grammar, spelling, and APA references.

Spelling and/or grammar errors.

No spelling or grammar errors..

No spelling, grammar errors, or punctuation errors.





Student deliverables should be submitted on the specified date by midnight of the student’s time zone. For purposes of scheduling, each week or module begins on Monday 12:01 AM and concludes the following Sunday at Midnight.  



VOCABULARY - You are expected to read and understand the material presented in the assigned text and articles you locate.

FORMAT - Papers submitted should be written in accordance with the APA, Bluebook, or other recognized formatting style.

GRAMMAR - Use active voice in your writing. Also use the spelling and grammar check feature of your Word Processor before submitting your papers. 

Active participation in each forum is required. Your grade in forums will not be posted until the end of the session. It is 15% of your final grade, so it can make
a difference between an A and a B, etc. grade if you do not post at least 3 times to each forum, an original post on Thursday and two comments to other students by Sunday evening.. (note: Law 2 forums may differ from the above.)



Removing "student posts" from forums 

The purpose of the discussion forums and "Question" Forums in our online classes is to inquire about "content" questions, or clarify primarily content questions about the class such as clarification of assignments, or questions on cases, the law, etc. Students are requested to use the same "etiquette they would use in an on campus classroom. It is not a "forum" or place to complain about how the class is run, or complain about how the website is constructed, or complain about other students. Also we encourage "robust" debate in our forums. Reasonable minds differ, and we ask that you show tolerance to other students' opinions. However, again students should use reasonable and appropriate language in their forum postings, and should show respect to their fellow/sister students. Students are encouraged to read apply the "Six Pillars of Character" when they post their work.


Our online law faculty may, in their discretion, remove "student posts",or even remove the entire forum (with all of the student posts), if in their sole discretion, a student or students are behaving badly, acting inappropriately, failing to show proper respect to other students or the classroom as a whole, and abusing the privilege of expressing their opinions in the forums.

updated:  7/24/13


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