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Welcome to our Paralegal Studies Program at L.A. Mission College


Thank you for your inquiry about our paralegal program. Here is our main website - http://lamission.edu/law and the main webpage for Mission College - http://lamission.edu and our online home - http://lamission.edu/online . We are located: Sylmar, California - 25 minutes north of downtown Los Angeles. We are located in southeast San Fernando Valley - http://lamission.edu/maps . We are one of the nine colleges of the Los Angeles Community College District. The Los Angeles Community College District is the largest community college district in the United States and is one of the largest in the world. The LACCD consists of nine colleges and covers an area of more than 882 square miles. http://www.laccd.edu/our_colleges/ Our paralegal program has been training paralegals since 1987 - more than 20 years.


  1. How many classes do I take to get a paralegal certificate? - 12 classes - see http://profj.us/certificate.htm
  2. Which classes are offered ? - http://missionparalegal.pbwiki.com
  3. How much does the program cost? - $20 per unit - or $60 per class - 12 law classes comprise the Paralegal Certificate. You pay "as you go" as you sign up and take classes. no advance deposits are required. total cost = $720 - see http://www.laccd.edu/lacolleges/admissions/fees.htm and textbooks about $350 - see http://lamission.edu/law/textbooks
  4. What classes are on campus? - http://abogado.pbwiki.com/teaching-on-campus
  5. If I take the online program do I have to come to campus? No the class is entirely online, no visits are required to campus.
  6. Is there a difference between the online certificate and the on campus certificate? No they are the same classes, same textbooks, and same assignments. No distinction is made between the on campus and the online certificate. The only difference is the delivery format.
  7. How long does the program take to complete? - 12 - 18 months if you take classes in the winter, summer, fall and spring.
  8. What is the salary of a paralegal? salary
  9. Why should I choose your program? http://missionparalegal.com/whyus.htm
  10. How long have you been graduating paralegsls? http://profj.us/audio.htm
  11. Are you an accredited program? - http://profj.us/accreditation.htm
  12. What are your students like? - http://del.icio.us/abogado/graduates
  13. Who is the Director of the Paralegal Program - http://lamission.edu/law/jordan/bio.htm
  14. Who are the law faculty? - http://lamission.edu/law/faculty.html
  15. Which classes do I take for the paralegal certificate? http://profj.us/online/
  16. Will you help me get a paralegal job? We assist students in many ways to get their "first" paralegal job - http://www.lamission.edu/law/jobs/rx/ also see - Prof J's blog on jobs at http://paralegaljobs.blogspot.com/
  17. Do you have internships? We do not have a formal program for internships since most of our paralegal students work during the day, however we have developed partnerships with local agencies where our students can intern on a short term basis to gain experience - see http://abogado.pbwiki.com/internships
  18. Do you have job placement? We actively work with our recent paralegal graduates to assist them with their job search. We assist the paralegal with their resumes - http://resumes.pbwiki.com and often law firms and legal employers contact our program for prospective paralegals to work in their law firms or government agencies - http://paralegaljobs.pbwiki.com/

Additional Information

Here is the welcome message to new paralegals - http://welcome.pbwiki.com

Here is "Get Started" message to our paralegals - http://profj.us/start and http://missiononline.pbwiki.com/start

We have "meet and confer" sessions which are voluntary - http://profj.us/meet-confer

We have online paralegal tutors (all excellent graduates of our program) - http://paralegaltutors.pbwiki.com

We have an appeals process on quizzes - http://profj.us/appeals


Students can access the program 24/7/365 - there are duedates - http://duedates.pbwiki.com and assignments and tests must be submitted in a timely fashion.


Costs are $20 per unit or $60 per class, or $720 for all 12 classes - for California residents - check out http://lacolleges.net for more information and here are the textbooks - http://lamission.edu/law/textbooks



Let us know how we can assist you.


Prof J.


David Jordan, Esq. - Attorney at Law - Director

Los Angeles Mission College Paralegal Studies Program

13356 Eldridge Ave, Sylmar, Ca 91342-3200

cell phone - 818-415-2015, school - 818-364-7720 fax - 1-866-371-5519

paralegal program webpage - http://lamission.edu/law

Chair of Distance Education - http://lamission.edu/de

Chair of Technology Committee - http://lamission.edu/facstaff/technology


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